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Our Services

We offer same-day service for….

Abdominal ultrasound – Read by either an ACVR board certified radiologist or an ACVIM board certified internist.

Everyone knows radiologists are the gold standard for interpreting diagnostic imaging. Why do we offer an ACVIM internist? The recommendations.

Our carefully selected internists have tremendous experience using and interpreting ultrasound. Use the internist for cases that may require extensive treatment and receive a full set of treatment recommendations.

Echocardiogram – Read by an ACVIM cardiologist and complete with recommendations to treat the patient at your practice.

Thoracic ultrasound – Read by either an ACVR radiologist or an ACVIM internist.

Focused ultrasound – The urinary system, read by an ACVR radiologist or an ACVIM internist.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Tissue sampling – Obtain tissue samples at the veterinarian’s direction.

Radiographs – Send pertinent radiographs for review with the ultrasound study, additional cost may apply.