In accordance with State law and regulation, Imaging4Pets is remaining open to serve our veterinary clients during the COVID-19 crisis.
During this time we are following the increased health and safety guidelines to minimize risk to our staff and yours. Please follow the usual scheduling process to make an appointment. Thank you

Client Convenience
Diagnostic Experience
Continuity of Care

Chicagoland | 630.797.9801

N.E. Ohio | 440.533.1003

Cincinnati | 513-401-8501

Colorado Springs | 719-396-3002

Charlotte | 980 221 2703

Corpus Christi | 361-248-3299

Milwaukee | 262-289-1025

Pittsburgh | 724-761-1601

Why Choose Imaging4Pets?

What does Imaging4Pets do for your practice?

Retain more patients and incorporate board certified specialists into your practice.

Imaging4Pets provides certified ultrasound specialists who perform exams at your veterinary practice. ACVR Radiologists, ACVIM Internists, and Cardiologists interpret all studies and give consultation.

Practices retain more patients for diagnosis and treatment:

  • Boarded specialists help care for patients
  • Increase diagnostic capability
  • Save time and money to grow in other areas

Accurate diagnosis for improved treatment:

  • Specialists are available by phone or email to discuss cases
  • Reports provide complete specialist consultation
  • Recommendations provided for patient care

Why would your clients like Imaging4Pets?

Build loyalty by expanding practice capabilities and embracing client convenience.

Imaging4Pets mobile ultrasound comes to you:

  • Save client’s travel time and anxiety of going to an unfamiliar location
  • Receive same-day service

Swift response with specialty consultation:

  • Comprehensive assessment and thorough treatment plan provided
  • Quick turn-around for diagnostic reports

How does Imaging4Pets benefit your patient?

Continuity of care. With the backing of specialists, the primary veterinarian can stay at the center of care giving and provide seamless care from start to finish.

Imaging4Pets provides non-invasive ultrasound diagnostics:

  • Provides veterinarians with vital information
  • Eliminates harmful side effects

Imaging4Pets’ accurately interpret results:

  • Specialists recognize wide variety of disease processes
  • The right diagnosis the first time

Using Imaging4Pets promotes patient comfort:

  • Patients remain comfortable and relaxed during scans
  • Scans take place in a familiar environment